Vocal Physiotherapy

Vocal Physiotherapy or Vocal Massage involves the use of manual therapy techniques in order to restore normal laryngeal function and subsequently improve efficient vocal fold oscillation/ movement.  Vocal Physiotherapy will involve a complete assessment of the head, neck, shoulder and jaw posture, shoulder and cervical strength and kinematics, as well as appropriate breath control and abdominal recruitment patterns. 

Treatment consists of manual therapy to the anterior neck structures to restore the optimal resting state of the larynx. Specifically, we will combine myofascial and trigger point release to the perilaryngeal structures and surrounding muscles alongside cricothyroid manipulation and laryngeal mobilisation techniques.  Patients will be provided with self-release strategies and exercise programs to ensure they can maintain a health voice. 

This specialist treatment is effective to enhance normal voice function and alleviate symptoms of the pathological voice. This treatment is considered the best evidence treatment for Muscle Tension Dysphonia and pre-nodular oedema. (Muscle Tension Dysphonia is described as a poor pattern of muscle recruitment that can develop in the absence of vocal fold pathology).

This treatment is also beneficial to reduce secondary voice dysfunctions caused by vocal nodules, reflux, ENT and neck surgery and vocal cysts and polyps. Treatment is beneficial especially when used in conjunction with speech and language therapy intervention.

Vocal Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment for all voice users including singers and actors, presenters, barristers, teachers etc, when presenting with symptoms of vocal fatigue, a tired voice, vocal discomfort or perilaryngeal muscle soreness, Globus Pharyngeus (sensation of a lump in the throat) or constriction, a reduction in vocal range and/or a change in vocal quality. Patients are also encouraged to attended for maintenance and assessment sessions to ensure sustainable voice use.

Our Vocal Physiotherapy providers work closely with renowned and respected ENT specialists and Speech and Language Therapists and Vocal Coaches to ensure optimal treatment.