Beating Pain – Improving Performance

Jaw Pain

I wanted to dedicate this specific blog to an area of Physiotherapy that is, literally and figuratively, not often touched upon. Hopefully this quick read (8 minutes) will provide a little more insight into TMD, for anyone who has or is suffering from jaw pain. This blog will help those with jaw pain to understand the benefits of treatment from an experienced TMD trained Physiotherapist.

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Vocal Physiotherapy

Vocal Physiotherapy Involves specific rehabilitation for individuals who require using their voice under high demands including singers, actors, teachers, politicians, barristers, presenters, personal trainers, lecturers and many more.   Voice production &...

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Move Clinics Team in Chiswick are helping to change the face of Men’s health by taking part in Movember. Jet, Steve and Reece are furry-ing up their top lips to help raise funds for the Movember Foundation that addresses some of the biggest (but often silent) killers of men – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health & suicide prevention.

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