Beating Pain – Improving Performance

The Younger Athlete

The Younger Athlete Growing children and teenagers are at a higher risk of various injuries at certain times in their development as different growth plates become ‘active’. Because many children are extremely active and participate in high intensity activities that...

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Resistance Training – Part 1

Resistance Training- Part 1 I speak to a lot of people in the clinic who are suffering from injuries, many are involved in regular activity ranging from running, triathlon, all the fooball codes, dance and CrossFit to bowls and beach walking. Everyone would like...

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The Warm Up: What It Should (& shouldn’t) Include

The Warm Up: What It Should (& shouldn’t) Include The goal of the warm-up is simple enough, we want to prepare the body to perform dynamic, ideally explosive, powerful movements without injury. In the past, this has involved warming up with light aerobic exercise...

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