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Move Clinics have assembled highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists & specialists with unmatched facilities to bring you the best treatments, classes and services possible. Providing treatment and management of:

Alter-G for Rehabilitation

Alter-G for Athletes

Alter-G for Weightloss

Alter-G for Training

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Reformer & Matwork

Move Clinics offer a professional and personal pilates experience. Class sizes are kept small with a focus on individual needs being catered to. Individual assessments are conducted to design personalised programs to suit your individual needs.   Learn more...


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Running Condition
& Technique Sessions 

These group sessions will develop running efficiency and better running form - through running specific drills, strenghtening, stability and mobility exercises.  The idea being that to learn or refine a skill requires adequate strength, mobility and essentially, high quality repetition of the correct movement patterns.  For this reason our sessions are supervised by our Physio’s or Sports Podiatrist who run and are actively involved in coaching and competing.  

The sessions are perfect to prepare those with no training history for exercise, have significant benefits for experienced athletes and in many cases can compliment the functional rehabilitation of people under-going treatment for injury.

Free foot screening with our SPORT PODIATRIST - Simon Miles.  Click here to register online or call us on 0208 994 8328 to book through the clinic.